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It was a wonderful experience to receive havening and Alex was very reassuring and explained the process. I was very relaxed throughout the session and was delighted to be able to clear some issues/old patterns in an easy and effective way. I found the sessions gentle and restorative and a great aid to rebalance and bring calm to me. It’s definitely a good modality for healing health I know I can come back to whenever I feel I need it. Thanks a million Alex.


I found havening with Alex to be a wonderful experience. Alex is non-judgemental and encouraging, which helped me to feel comfortable and at ease after a few minutes in our first session. This in turn enabled me to open up to my emotional self and from there Alex helped me in my healing. During these Covid times of uncertainty and fear, Spirhaven Healing has supported me in letting go of old trauma, in doing this it has helped me to grow in self-esteem, learning to love myself and accepting all of me. Alex is caring and listens carefully to me. I feel she made wise connections with my thoughts and emotions bringing an enlightenment to me that I haven’t felt in years. I look forward to my next havening session with Alex.


I met Alex through a friend and I felt an immediate bond with her.
She created a lovely atmosphere for me as a client in my sessions.
I felt completely relaxed with her and she has a non judgemental approach.
She is a good listener and I enjoyed the experience of Havening, which I had never tried before.
Havening has enabled me to let go of old issues and bad painful memories from my past and get on with life.
I will highly recommend Alex for her Havening and her listening skills.


Alexandra is a committed and passionate practitioner who aided me greatly in our recent havening sessions. I feel her holistic and contemporary approach to healing makes her very flexible and adaptable when working with prospective clients.

I felt lighter and revigorated after our sessions. Her compassionate and empathetic nature shines in her practice. Havening with Alexandra has truly inspired me and led me to a new and revitalized direction in my life.

Thank you Alex.

Eoin Heneghan

Eoin Heneghan

Thank you for the Havening sessions where you worked on my sore shoulder. I had a healthy amount of scepticism going into the session, I have sought various therapies in the past, for which I've had mixed results.

I found your friendly approach very settling and the healing process very interesting. I particularly like that you use your healing instincts to compliment the Havening process.

Since our sessions, my shoulder has been almost pain free! So, in my opinion, Havening is a great therapy and would certainly do it again.


I have great pleasure, and no hesitation, in providing feedback on my experience of Alexandra Simoncini, both as a Therapist and indeed on a personal level beyond her role as a Havening Professional.

I have known Alex, since June 2016, and during that time I have found her to be an open, kind, calming and level headed individual who demonstrates great integrity, insight and empathy.

Alex has been a great source of support to myself and to my family during a testing time both medically and also through great change in our lives.

During my healing sessions with Alex she created a peaceful and calming therapeutic environment which placed me at ease immediately and enabled me to be more open and trusting regarding past and present trauma - including anxiety during childhood, post natal depression, marital separation as well as ongoing fears for my health due to a pancreatic tumour with major surgery approaching.

Whilst I am a great believer in Psychotherapy, principally Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, I had never read about or experienced Havening Therapy previously. Alex took a good amount of time to explain the Havening process, likely emotional responses and how we would close the session which was incredibly helpful. Alex reassured me throughout the sessions that we could stop at any time if I was uncomfortable and as such it has been clear that I am in a safe pair of hands.

Whilst the sessions stimulated an emotional response from me, they were cathartic and caring, and I experienced a sense of relief and reduction in anxiety as we completed the treatment.

Following the treatment, Alex asked if she may contact me later in the day to discuss any emotions or questions I may have the following the treatment, and she kindly made a point of dropping by my home. Aside from therapy, Alex has provided ongoing emotional and practical support relating to both my recent abdominal surgery as well as my marital separation. 

In summary I would recommend Alex as a therapist and friend who demonstrates the following attributes :


- Insightfulness and cautious with guidance
Integrity and humanity
Non judgemental listener

- Emotional intelligence
Strong, and straight-forward in feedback

- Integrity

- Supportive and caring

Shirley McLaughlin

I had to undergo an operation to reconstruct the tendons and after that had had constant pain. It was affecting my daily life and I was living on pain medication and been woken by the pain at night. I was not able to walk very far and stairs were a no-go. This despite constant physio and hydrotherapy. It just seemed to not be getting any better, and I had resolved myself to the fact that I may always been in pain.

But after our Havening sessions the constant pain in my knee seemed to resolve within a few days. Within a week I was off all pain medication and I no longer was being woken in pain. My leg has since gotten stronger and I have been able to build the strength as I was not in so much pain.

I am now able to walk and far distances and have started taking the stairs at work on a daily basis. I have also been able to buy a bike and enjoy cycling with my 3 kids.

I am very grateful for the wonderful work you did on my leg and hope you can offer others healing with your gift of Havening.

Lauren Davies

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